Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security

Protects your Android or iPhone smartphone, and Android tablet or iPad from all kinds of threats.

Control your device remotely, locate, lock and erase data when it's stolen.


Norton Mobile Security Description

Norton Mobile Security is a complete security solution for your Android, and iOS-based mobile device. It delivers the protection for your smartphone and tablet 24x7 against viruses, phishing and online threats as well as protection against theft or if your device is missing.

Norton's innovative Web Management allows you to quickly connect to your device via a website if it's lost or stolen. You can locate your devices on a map, lock them remotely and/or wipe all data that is stored on it if you suspect it might have fallen into the wrong hands.

Norton Mobile Security safeguards all the stuff that sits on your Android device or iPhone/iPad. If you suspect the device is stolen you can even block the SIM card remotely, so that no one can make calls from your number.

Not only you are being protected from thieves but also from online fraudsters that implement various tricks including launching fake phishing sites in order to hijack your personal information or credit card numbers. Norton Mobile Security protects your mobile device from such threats by detecting and blocking fraudulent websites you're about to visit.

Turn on Scream Alarm if you can't find your phone (did you leave it somewhere but don't remember where?) and if you still can't find it simply locate your phone on the map. If you suspect someone has stolen it and is using it lock it out immediately remotely and erase all data that's on it with just a single mouse click. You can even take a sneak peek using the built-in webcam to see who is using your device and contact the police to inform them about that person.

If your phone hasn't been stolen but you simply lost it and a genuine person found it you can try to contact them using a special message you can send directly onto the phone to make arrangements with that person.

With Norton Mobile Security you can easily transfer your address book contacts between devices by backing it up and then restoring it on another device.

Norton Mobile Security not only delivers protection from theft or if your device is missing, but it also scans all downloaded files and browsed websites for viruses, spyware, Trojan horses and other malware. It also delivers protection from spam text messages and voice calls - simply define a list of blocked numbers and spammer's won't be able to reach you anymore.

Norton Mobile Security comes with free 24x7 support from Norton staff, however you can try browsing our Norton Support Database if you have any trouble using Norton software.


Norton Mobile Security Features

  • Works with Android smartphones and tablets as well as with Apple's iPhone and iPad
  • Easy-to-install and operate
  • Remote control of your device via the Web management tool – conveniently manage all your mobile device's security from one place on the Web
  • Remote lock - prevents any person from using your mobile device when it's lost or stolen
  • Remote wipe - wipes all data and erase any information that is stored on your phone or tablet. This feature can effectively erase all data that is stored in device's internal memory or memory card (works only on Android™ devices)
  • Remote locate - quickly find your lost or stolen mobile device on a map. This feature allows you to quickly pinpoint your Android phone or tablet and iPhone® or iPad® device
  • Remote photo - take a sneak peek remotely to identify the person who stole and is using your mobile device (this feature works only on devices with a webcam installed)
  • Scream alarm - allows you to quickly find your missing device by invoking a sound alarm
  • Number blocker - allows you to define a list of blocked phone numbers you wish not to receive calls and SMS text messages from
  • Online threat protection - with the growing number of viruses and spyware targeting Android and other smartphones and mobile devices this feature will give you a peace of mind when browsing the Web and downloading files
  • Antiphishing protection - protects you from fake and booby-trapped phishing websites aimed at mobile devices
  • Contacts backup and restore - allows you to quickly save your address book to an external memory and transfer them between devices
  • Automatic SD Card Scanning - whenever you insert a new SD card into your smartphone or tablet Norton Mobile Security will scan it for potential threats and viruses
  • Lost Notice - this feature allows you to contact the person who found your lost mobile device via SMS and ask them to get it back
  • SIM Card Lock - allows you to remotely and instantaneously lock your SIM card, so that no one can make calls using it (in case your phone is lost or stolen)
  • 24x7 Free Support from Norton - included in your Mobile Security subscription is free support from Symantec professionals who will help you with any issue you may have

System requirements

Norton Mobile Security System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems
    • Android™ version 2.2 or newer
    • iOS 4.3 or newer
  • Supported Web Browsers for Web Protection
    • Android standard Web browser (other browsers e.g. Opera Mobile are not supported at this time)
  • Other requirements
    • Requires at least 10MB of free storage space
    • Requires 3G or 4G data plan for certain functions to work properly (e.g. Remote Locate)
    • Requires an active Google account with access to Google Play (Android devices)



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