Wrong folder names in Norton 360 backup?

Norton 360 is using a backup technology that does not preserve folder names when you look directly into the backup files. So it might look like the folders and backup files have wrong names, but this is an internal mechanism of Norton 360 backup that changes the folder names automatically during the backup process.

The backup folder structure might look messed up at first, but you can still browse your backup files and folders by using Norton Restore Files function. Restore Files will display all your folders and files with their correct names and it will allow you to restore those items you want to restore, so there's no need to browse the backup files directly using file manager.

Please bear in mind Norton 360 backup facility does not mirror your files, but it uses compression and several other backup techniques (such as incremental backups) to preserve storage space and therefore it's not possible to browse the backup files and folders directly.

As mentioned above the best way to search for backup files and folders in Norton 360 is to use the Restore Files facility.